About Us

Exclamation: your health!, cheers!

At Saluté we run our restaurant and our business by the true meaning of the word. We respect and welcome all of our customers, our staff and our suppliers. Our business is all about people and we like to look after all the people that we come into contact with. We have operated on these principles since we opened our doors in 2001 and it is the cornerstones of our business.

We offer you an extensive menu that can be orchestrated in many different ways, with flavours from the Mediterranean, complimented by a strong nudge from the Middle East.

Our inventive tapas list can be put before our mains dishes, as an entrée, or you may choose a few of our dishes from our tapas menu creating an entire meal from these interesting small plates. They are designed to excite the curious food lover in you. By making the portions smaller it gives the opportunity to order and experience many different flavours and dishes, and to share this experience with the whole table creating a wonderfully social and relaxed environment.

We have an extensive wine list with wines from all over the globe and many options by the glass. We work and live in one of the best wine growing regions in the world, so we have a large selection of wines from all over the Wairarapa giving the opportunity to not only work your way through the menu but to match the dishes with different wines from the world.



Travis Clive-Griffin Executive Chef / Owner

Travis cut his teeth in this industry at the ripe old age of 10yrs standing on a milk crate washing dishes in his uncles’ restaurant. This inspired him for greater things, having worked through an impressive line-up of kitchens all over the world including Michelin starred Le Manoir aux Quat'Saison under Raymond Blanc, and Australia’s Jacques Raymond and Stephanie Alexander. Travis is a chef that holds on to his spark, loves to cook whether at home or at work, as long as he has had time to do his yoga.

Eve Clive-Griffin Owner

Eve Started and created Saluté as it stands today together with Travis in 2001. She now does everything in the restaurant from HR work, the accounts if needed to filling the water bottles when the restaurant is packed to the gunnels. All of this and she seems to manage time to look after her and Travis’ 3 children, no wonder she is always late and is partial to a good G&T.

Theo Wijnsma Manager

Coming from the hospitality scene in Wellington, Theo has joined us from the 5 Star Bolton Hotel. He loves interacting with people making them feel welcome and at home. Being a bit creative he is known for leaving his stuff lying about. He believes work should be fun and has bursts of inner child come out now and then; You might even catch him dancing like a 'giraffe on a skateboard', it also explains why he has a massive Lego collection.

Kirstin Addis Bar Manager

Kirstin has been in the fold of Saluté for nearly 9 years. Originally starting as a waitress and now is our Queen of the bar looking after the wine and all things bar she makes sure Theo doesn't leave his apron and mess lying about. When she finishes work she will always wind down with a spot of quality control (i.e..a different wine every day)

Morgana Peel Sous Chef

Our energetic Sous Chef joined the team late 2016. Her great skills don't stop when cooking for our guests, she is famous for her amazing staff dinners, singing in the kitchen, and seductive eyes behind the pass. But don't let that fool you, she means business. This is probably why she likes to finish the night with a good whisky.

Lara Wishart Waitress

Lara, having come from one of NZ’s top luxury resorts, Wharekauhau, she is well accustomed to serving some of the world’s most exclusive, including Prince William and Kate and more excitingly for her the Topp Twins. Her charm and smile is sure to make you feel welcome.

Dean Davies Waiter

Dean is a boomerang in the world of Saluté. He has been and gone a couple of times and has acquired many strings to his bow. In his past he has owned his own restaurant, catering company, pub and is now taking life a little easier.

Orla Eckford Waitress

Orla is also no stranger to Salute having come and gone a couple of times. She is probably most famous for just knowing everyone and everything that happens in Greytown - she is our very own Greytown Encyclopedia!

Devon Wilmshurst Chef de Partie

Dev joined the Saluté team in 2014 as a Kitchen Hand while completing his chefs training. This man is not scared of hard work, he isn't happy unless he is working at least 55hrs per week, and his favourite weeks of the year are our busiest! He has moved quickly through the ranks of the kitchen to become a pillar of strength as an exceptionally strong Chef de Partie. He owns the fact he (at 6ft3in) loves to drink mocha's but on a good night finishes with a good Whisky and dry (short glass).

Sacha Thomas Kitchen Hand

"SaTcha" is a big asset to our team, she keeps the kitchen going with lollies and pastries and is not afraid of getting her hands dirty. On her days off like the lovely, caring sister she is, she loves to take her baby brother to the movies.

Emma Mail Junior Commis

Salute is her entry into the kitchen world, after studying at Welltec and is our most recent recruit. She is most famous in the team for her stories she tells about her horse and dogs.

Alison Meadows Accounts

'The lady that makes sure that everyone gets paid'. Alison does the behind the scenes stuff you don't even think about when you go to a restaurant. She has the tough job of coming in when everyone else is on their days off.