About Us

Located in the heart of beautiful Greytown, Saluté is a lot more than you would expect from a local village restaurant. We offer an upscale yet relaxed environment with a Mediterranean-inspired menu featuring fresh, seasonal, local ingredients expertly prepared and served by our friendly, courteous staff. Our inventive tapas are designed to excite the curious food lover and can be put before our mains dishes or – when multiple are chosen – become an entire meal. By offering smaller portions, a wider range of flavours can be explored and shared with the whole table, creating a wonderfully social and relaxed environment. Either way you choose, the meal can be finished with one of our extraordinary desserts.

We have an extensive wine list with wines from all over the globe and many options by the glass, including more exclusive wines using the patented Coravin system. Working and living in one of the best wine growing regions in the world, we are proud to feature the best of New Zealand, and the Wairarapa in particular.

Since opening our doors in 2001, Saluté has consistently ranked as one of the top restaurants in the Wairarapa and the Greater Wellington region, truly a “must visit” for locals and tourists alike.


Our Team

Jason Brumbaugh Owner | Head Pastry Chef

Jason really likes dessert. A lot. So much so that he quit his "day job" as a successful digital producer to attend Le Cordon Bleu culinary school at the ripe old age of 35. Upon graduating, he owned and operated his own boutique catering company specializing in… desserts, of course! When not at the restaurant (ha!), he spends his time doting on his four-legged furry kids, reading cookbooks, and enjoying life in beautiful Greytown that he’s proud to now call home.

Kenneth Miller Owner | Restaurant Manager

Great food, great wine, great company, great conversation. Pair them with a beautiful setting and music and Ken will paint himself permanently into the landscape. Having ventured all over the planet in many facets of the entertainment business, he has now brought his event coordination expertise to the Wairarapa and the ever-enticing streets of Greytown. Delighted to leave the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles behind him, he opted for the relaxed environment of the restaurant business. What was he thinking?!

Louise Brown Owner | Bar Manager

Born in the States to an American mum and Kiwi dad, Louise grew up in a household that centred around entertaining and the love of food and wine. At an early age, she was introduced to the beauty of wine and how it can enhance and be enhanced by food. This instilled a passion in her that has ultimately brought her into the partnership behind Saluté, a place where great food and wine could create special memories for people. When not at Saluté, Louise splits her time between being a lawyer and caring for her lifestyle property with its 50+ animals (and no, we're not exaggerating!)

Tony Broster Head Chef

Our British-born Kiwi comes to the Wairarapa after a stint in London. Having a passion for food from a young age, his journey began in the Francophile Channel Islands gleaning a classical training. From there, NZ became home working in several Wellington kitchens with some familiar characters. With a passion for all things food, wine and coffee, "I'll imbibe them in any order" and fitting in home renovation as a hobby makes Tony a busy boy.

Alison Meadows Accounts Manager

Also known as "the person that makes sure that everyone gets paid," Alison does the behind the scenes stuff you don't even think about when you go to a restaurant. Her contributions are too lengthy to name, but she does them with grace, wit and style. One "flatte" coming right up!

Jiffry Mohamed Sous Chef

Jiffry comes to Saluté via his home country of Sri Lanka as our newest chef and chief "all-around nice guy." Prior to joining our team, Jiffry lent his culinary talents to many restaurants, hotels and cafés in Sri Lanka and London, and is now making his mark here in New Zealand. With a smile and a "can do" attitude, Jiffry is the epitome of integrity both in and out of the kitchen... a true role model for us all.

Sacha Thomas Commis Chef

With hard work and determination, Sacha has worked her way up the ranks of Saluté to become our commis chef extraordinaire. Her mad skills in the kitchen are near legendary when it comes to making arancini, falafels and pizzas... pretty much anything that's round. With little spare time to call her own, she likes to spend it playing guitar, creating architectural drawings, and reading the Thug Kitchen Cookbook to the kids in the neighborhood. Sacha is currently enrolled at WelTec to further her culinary education.

Hugh O'Donoghue Kitchen Hand

He may be quiet, but he's a force to be reckoned with in our kitchen. When not keeping everything spotless and well organised, Hugh can be found running across the Wairarapa at great speeds not to mention bringing a smile to everyone he meets.

Shardey Witoko Kitchen Hand

Shardey is a welcome addition to our kitchen as she epitomizes professionalism, hard work and positivity and has an amazing attention to detail. Her "take no prisoners" attitude lends itself well to everything she does and makes Shardey a truly legendary team player. When not at Saluté, you may find her coaching and playing in the Wairarapa's first women's roller derby team. If she's anything like she is in the kitchen, we fear for the other team!

Our Partners

Our mission is to be the bridge between good food and good business so that your restaurant or cafe can become great. We’re passionate about our vibrant industry, which is full of interesting, talented and entrepreneurial people…people just like you.